Hepatis A and Hepatitis B shortages UK and globally

15 November 2017

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines continue to be in critically short supply in the United Kingdom (UK) and globally. Until normal vaccine supply resumes, the Robens may be unable to provide Hep A, Hep B, Hep A/Hep B combined or Hep A/Typhoid combined vaccines.

Robens Travel Clinic welcomes families

8 November 2016

The Robens Travel Clinic is able to offer travel vaccinations to families provided the children are aged over 12 months. The increased age range for our services follows extensive investment in training and equipment to support our specialist Travel Health nurses.

The Robens offers a flexible service with free parking, weekday, early morning, evening and weekend clinics.  Book early to avoid disappointment and ensure the vaccinations provide immunity before you travel.

Yellow Fever Certificate and Vaccinations - valid for life

31 October 2016

Yellow Fever Certificates and Vaccinations - Lifetime validity - subject to

11 July 2016, under new International Health Regulations from the World Health Organisation, the Yellow Fever certificate and vaccination is considered to be valid for life, including those issued previously stating an expiry date of ten years. Re-immunisation is only considered necessary if a person had the vaccine in any of the following circumstances: