October 2016

Yellow Fever Certificate and Vaccinations - valid for life

31 October 2016

Yellow Fever Certificates and Vaccinations - Lifetime validity - subject to

11 July 2016, under new International Health Regulations from the World Health Organisation, the Yellow Fever certificate and vaccination is considered to be valid for life, including those issued previously stating an expiry date of ten years. Re-immunisation is only considered necessary if a person had the vaccine in any of the following circumstances:

Taking a GAP year? Plan for good health - Visit our Travel Clinic as soon as possible

24 October 2016

Travel Health includes BCG vaccinations

Got your exam results and ready to travel?  If you are off around the world it is very important that you prepare for the trip and more importantly invest in the appropriate immunisations to keep you fit and well.

The Robens Centre Travel Health Clinic provides the necessary advice and inoculation programmes and in addition useful safety equipment like mosquito nets, first aid kits and travel aids including super lightweight towels. 

Coping with staff illness this winter

18 October 2016

Are your staff absenteeism rates up in the winter months?
Can you cope with the effects of staff illness this winter?

Rates of staff absenteeism soar in Winter, says Sarah Futcher

Rates of absenteeism soar in winter, but what can be done to curb employees' temptation for a day tucked up under the duvet? Sarah Futcher, clinical Director of The Robens Centre for Occupational Health offers advice to small businesses.

Absenteeism continues to be a major worry for employers trying to run a professional, profit-making business. Many employers struggle to control the problem of staff absenteeism, with sickness massively disrupting productivity, not to mention the underlying costs of managing the situation.