Care Plus® Mosquito Net Bug Sheet

General information

The Bug Sheet Impregnated is a smart and multifunctional mosquito net for home use and travelling. The 220×110 cm net can be used as an insect screen, on a mattress, for repairing mosquito nets or for use on the ground (e.g. underneath your picnic rug).

Care Plus® Mosquito Net Bug Sheet

The Care Plus® Mosquito Net Bug Sheet is multifunctional and suitable for the following purposes, among others:

  • For use on a mattress (against house mites in the mattress)
  • For use on windows (insect screen)
  • For repairing mosquito nets and insect screens
  • For use on the floor (for use as a picnic groundsheet, for example)
  • For protecting toddlers in pushchairs

Benefits to the customer

  • Very functional
  • Multi-use
  • Long Lasting Impregnation