Top ten travel tips

It's all about preparation!

1. Vaccinations

Vaccinations can take time to be effective. Seek advice early from a health professional, ideally at least 4 weeks in advance.

However only 5-10% travel related diseases are vaccine preventable.
It is important to be aware of other safety precautions - particularly for common problems;

2. Flight safety

Wear loose comfortable clothing
Drink plenty of soft drinks and non caffeine, limit alcohol intake
Take frequent short walks around the cabin and change position regularly in your seat
Rest before travel and limiting activities on arrival where possible will help to minimise jet lag & tiredness

3. Stomach upsets/Travellers diarrhoea

Caused by contaminated food and water usually in areas where hygiene is poor.

Use bottled, boiled or sterilised water
Freshly cooked food is safer that uncooked food or food that has been kept warm
Phrase to help you remember: Cook it, peel it or leave it out.
Avoid ice in drinks and locally made ice creams

4. Malaria & Insect borne diseases

Insect borne diseases can be unpleasant but can also spread some serious diseases such as malaria, yellow fever & dengue fever.

Avoid getting bitten - use insect repellents, wear light loose clothing with long sleeves/trousers etc.
Remember to take anti-malarial medication as advised!!

5. Sun

Limit exposure, cover up, use sun screen
Drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to prevent dehydration

6. Accidents & Crime

Follow company procedure for internal travel within a country
Avoid carrying/displaying valuables
Carry a personal medical kit

7. Sexually transmitted diseases

Unprotected sex carries a risk of serious diseases such as HIV, chlamydia & hepatitis B.
Always use a condom

8. Cultural differences

Be aware of how travel can affect you - differences in climate, religious expectations, living standards, language barriers and imposed restrictions for safety or political reasons can be very stressful.
Being away from family, friends and business colleagues can also cause anxiety
Remember to repsect the local customs of the country you are visiting

9. Travel insurance

Be aware of company travel insurance and what it covers.
Be aware of company policies/procedures for emergencies abroad

10. Pregnancy

Travel during pregnancy should be restricted.
Specialist advice should be sought from a health professional if travel for business cannot be avoided.

This is not an exhaustive list and more detailed advice should be sought. Please contact us for more information